Saturday, April 11, 2009

Save Money. Lose Weight. Eat Beans!!

Yes!! It is true. Beans are very cheap and beans may help you lose weight. Whatever is holding you back from eating more beans, saving money, and losing weight this blog will talk about.

This is how "The Bean Diet" works. Just add at least 1 cup of beans per day to your regular whole foods diet and healthy lifestyle. Join my wife and I as we eat beans every day for 10-weeks. We will openly share everything including our weight and the four letter F word (FART).

In addition to sharing our experiences this blog will also be a platform for support to all of you who are eating beans. We will provide constant updates with:
-bean recipes
-bean research
-local restaurant reviews
-links to great bean info

Post your progress, chime in with recommendations, recipes, or any of your comments and humor.

Ready, set, GO EAT MORE BEANS!